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    Welcome to Aaron Maybin’s Official Website

    Welcome to the official website of Aaron Maybin, the painter who became an NFL player and returned to his roots as a professional artist. This is the place to find coverage of all Aaron’s artwork, events, news, exhibitions, and collaborations. See Aaron’s original artwork and projects and even create your own art and get it get custom printed! Check the blog or see Aaron’s Instagram for the latest updates.

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    Artist to Athlete and Back

    As a noted artist prior to his NFL football career Aaron has successfully transitioned back from the field to the canvas. From original gallery pieces to philanthropic events, from to exclusive interviews to street art installations, Aaron showcases the passion and talent of a top level player in the art game.

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    Passion Is Success

    Aaron’s first love before football was always art. Returning to that passion and finding success beyond football is a hallmark of his continued creative commitment. His original paintings, street art installations, photography, and performance events are featured across the US. Aaron’s work is famously reprinted and popularly remixed on everything from cell phone cases to tshirts to skateboards.

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    Success In Every Aspect

    His creative approach, art, passion, and success story have been covered nationally by ESPN, CBS, FOX Sports, and even through an HBO documentary. A full length documentary featuring Aaron titled “Aaron Maybin: Breaking Out of the Box” is slated for 2015 release. Inspiring success in every aspect of his life, Aaron is one of the all-time most influential figures ever to cross over from athlete to mainstream artist.

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  • Family, Community, Charity

    Aaron has never been afraid to give to his community. He works closely with the art collective Raison Art Society to promote new artistic opportunities and local events. Aaron also champions his own non-profit Project Mayhem. Project Mayhem, a registered charity named eponymously after his Aaron “Mayhem” NFL nickname, helps provide economic help and opportunities for children and families.

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